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The Eliza Doolittle & Professor Higgins Mystery Series



Book One 


Following her dazzling appearance at an Embassy Ball—where Eliza Doolittle won Professor Higgins’s bet that he could pass off a Cockney flower girl as a duchess—Eliza becomes an assistant to his chief rival Emil Nepommuck.

After Nepommuck publicly takes credit for transforming Eliza into a lady, an enraged Higgins publicly exposes Nepommuck as a fraud. When Nepommuck is found with a dagger in his back, Henry Higgins finds himself Scotland Yard’s prime suspect in the murder.


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Move Your Blooming Corpse

Book Two

Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins are off to the races as they attend Royal Ascot, the biggest horse racing event of the season. Eliza’s father is now co-owner of a champion racehorse, and Eliza and Henry are there to cheer the colt on to victory. But their idyllic outing takes a deadly turn when a man is trampled during the Gold Cup race and someone is found murdered in the stables.


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Writing under the pen name D. E. Ireland, longtime friends and award winning authors Meg Mims and Sharon Pisacreta teamed up in 2013 to create a mystery series based on George Bernard Shaw’s celebrated characters Eliza Doolittle and Professor Henry Higgins.
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21 thoughts on “Welcome to D.E. Ireland

  1. I have read both books in the series and just love it.
    My Fair Lady was one of my favorite plays and movie. I read someplace you were going to have a new book in the series, “Get me to the Grave in Time”, but I haven’t seen it at the bookstores nor library. I hope you will continue the series.

    • Get Me to the Grave On Time will be coming out next month!! we’re so excited. Ebook and trade, “keep your eyes peeled” as Eliza would say. We will “debut” the cover on Facebook within this month. THANKS for your kind words! Hope you left a review on Amazon. It really helps!

  2. Fabulous new series – thank you!!!! Just one question . . . what made you use Rossendale in your book? I grew up there and found it interesting that you would use The White Rose as the title of the poetry book – Lancashire is the home of the red rose!
    I am looking forward to the next book – you’ve done a wonderful job of keeping the characters alive! Thanks again!

    • Thank you, Patricia, for your kind words! Sharon researched Rossendale as a setting, and I believe she used “The White Rose” to suggest innocence. I once visited Lancashire, it’s so lovely in the spring! Our next book will be out in November.

  3. WOW, I just wanted to say that I love your Doolittle and Higgins series. I love how you incorporated names and places that where in the movie. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series. You both have done a job well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have read and adored both books. How long before the next adventure begins a possible Fall offering to be put on my highly anticipated new book list. Looking forward to the date.

  5. With my name I have been compared to the character Eliza Doolittle my entire life. It is wonderful to see her brought to life once more in this fashion. I have read both of the novels so far and I am eager for the next. I am trying to become an author as well (currently trying to get an agent) but I sincerely hope that my characters display as much life and honesty as yours do. I am actually starting to work on a modern retelling of Pygmalion, I have taken a lot of inspiration from yours novels.

  6. I just finished Move Your Blooming Corpse, it was well worth the 3 week wait for my library hold! It was so refreshing, especially in a genre that can get a bit clichéd. So glad to hear there is a next installment in the works. Looking forward to it immensely.

  7. I’m thrilled to have “discovered” this new series. Eagerly awaiting “Get me to the Grave on Time!” I hope to meet you at a future Bouchercon! Keep on writing!!!!!

  8. I have read both books – when I read these books, I am visualizing Eliza, Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering – just like in the movie and play, My Fair Lady.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. You guys have got Eliza and the Professor down perfectly. Not to mention Dad and Pickering and the others. We were raised on musicals, and my dad loved mysteries, so yours is a great combo. I laughed at the dialogue and characterizations. Will be ordering the second one immediately.

  10. I love your new series about Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. I am reading the second one. I hope there are going to be more in the series.

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