Introducing Jan Cramer, Actress & Audible Reader

Introducing Jan Cramer, Actress & Audible Reader

jan cramer headshot 3Actress and Voice Over Artist Jan Cramer has been trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She’s worked in classical theatre and appeared in a few musicals as well.

Jan loves to read contemporary fiction.  Whenever she finds an author she likes, she reads everything they’ve written. She’s gone through a “crime phase” recently and prefers crime in far away places – great American crime writers like Sara Paretsky and the Scottish Ian Rankin spring to mind. Jan lives in Brighton on the south coast of the UK. She definitely doesn’t read crime fiction set on her doorstep.

“It was such fun to read Move your Blooming Corpse,” Jan said. “Your historical accuracy is marvelous. And so many of the places are relevant today. For example, I always walk out of Oxford Circus tube, onto Argyll Street and past the Palladium, on my way into Soho where all the recording studios are based. I haven’t been to The Ascot races, though.”

Thanks so much, Jan, for your kind words and for appearing here on our blog!

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How long have you been “reading” for Audible?

I’ve been narrating audiobooks for Audible for just over a year. It’s a new addition to my voice over work. I liken it to doing a radio play and playing all the parts. I love it.

Do you “warm up” with vocal exercise before “reading” for Audible?

I don’t usually do a specific warm up as I’m “chatting” all the time with my voice overs. But I do for example go out early and get some exercise to clear the sinuses. My exercise is digging my vegetable patch rather than jogging – gardening works for me. And I’m very careful not to drink tea or coffee or eat any dairy before recording. I drink water and eat a Granny Smith apple (the pectin is supposed to help lessen mouth noise). Sometimes I have a good loud sing in my vocal booth as well.

Can you pick and choose books to read for Audible?

I can always turn down a book if I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I’m open to good writing in any genre. Good writing is a pleasure to read. But if I’m honest, I find science fiction a challenge, I don’t know why, and I really love a book with a sense of humour. There’s a platform called ACX where authors can work directly with a narrator and it’s there that I can choose what to audition for – as opposed to waiting for a book to be offered to me. I have built up a lovely relationship with a British romance writer and a best selling British crime writer.


Here’s a list of AUDIOBOOKS that Jan has read…

Stet by Diana Athill (Memoir)

Silent Scream and Evil Games by Angela Marsons (Crime Thriller

The Book Lovers, The Secret of You, The Austen Addicts, Christmas at the Cove, (Romance), A Dog Called Hope (Fiction), 
and Escape to Mulberry Cottage (Non-Fiction) – all by Victoria Connelly

Indonesia Etc. and Exploring the Improbable Nation by Elizabeth Pisani (Non-Fiction)

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris (Contemporary Fiction)

Wouldn’t It Be Deadly and Move Your Blooming Corpse by D.E. Ireland (Mystery)

The Scandal of Lady Eleanor and Christmas at Pemberly by Regina Jeffers (Regency Romance

Ruining The Rake by Leigh Michaels (Regency Romance)

Rainbow Gate and Sorrows Light by Freda Warrington (Science Fiction)

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We’re giving an Audible copy of Jan Cramer reading Wouldn’t It Be Deadly to one lucky commenter on Sept 1st! Please include your email address so we can notify you.



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