Mr. Selfridge

While everyone got caught up in the characters, costumes, and bon mots of Maggie Smith on ‘Downton Abbey’, another entertaining British series, ‘Mr. Selfridge’, was also appearing on PBS Sunday evenings. ‘Mr. Selfridge’ has just ended its wonderful fourth and…
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In Europe, well wishers sent handmade paper greeting cards as early as the 15th century; Valentine cards were especially popular. Beginning around 1400, religious minded Germans exchanged ‘Andachtsbilders’: New Year’s greeting cards printed from woodcuts. Since these cards were handmade…
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Growing up in the slums of the East End, Eliza Doolittle’s childhood was marked by struggle, hardship, and near starvation. Now that the Cockney flower seller is leading a genteel life as an elocution teacher (and amateur sleuth), her greatest…
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SHAW’S CORNER: George Bernard Shaw’s Country House

Although Nobel Prize winning playwright George Bernard Shaw was born and raised in Dublin, he made England his home for over 74 years. In the 1880s and ‘90s, Shaw’s work as a theater and music critic necessitated a London address….
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