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    We’ve all enjoyed watching Carson as Downton Abbey’s butler, or gotten irritated at footman Thomas Barrow, but what exactly do these positions entail? Why is there a first, second and third footman? And what is an underbutler? Before…
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The A to Z’s of British Food

  If asked to name English foods, many Americans would probably come up with the items on the pyramid above. Of course, British cuisine is more varied and inventive than that. In fact, many of their food items are distinctly…
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Hats Plus Ascot = Hatscot

Hats Plus Ascot = Hatscot Hats Plus Ascot = HATSCOT … Isn’t it all about the hats? The fashions for both women and men? Traditional elegance? Does anyone care which horse wins? Of course, OF COURSE! Royal Ascot 2014 will…
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